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At Synchrony, it is our mission to be the best provider of rehabilitation services in every market.
Synchrony Rehab is always at the forefront of new innovations designed to help providers with clinical and
operational quality, census development, and regulatory issues. We achieve innovation through new service bundles, products, and partnerships that, combined with our own expertise, accelerate our client’s progress and success. Here are just a few of the innovations currently offered, with more on the way.

Synchrony IN SYNC is an innovative program that enables you to run your rehab operations with ease – taking full logistical and operational control of your operations, reclaiming your time from administrative tasks and enjoying peace-of-mind with our expert clinical, regulatory and therapy leadership. Anchored by our Synchrony Management Program, these solutions are customized to meet your community and your goals. You choose the package that best fits your needs, and we’ll get started in accelerating your success.

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AAPACN Diamond Partnership

Synchrony Rehab is a proud Diamond-level partner of The American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN), which represents more than 15,000 post-acute care nurses and professionals working in more than 5,175 facilities. We share its dedication to supporting PAC nurses and healthcare professionals in providing quality care, and work with them to offer best in-class education, certification, resources and strong collaborative communities.


The National Association for the support of long-term care (NASL), headquartered in Washington, DC, operates a trade association of ancillary providers of products and services to the post-acute industry. The organization represents its members on Capitol Hill and regularly issues that impact the quality of long term and post-acute care for patients.

Madhu Krish, Chief Operating Officer of Synchrony Rehab, currently serves on the NASL Board of Directors, and helps represent over 100 companies providing medical products, medical services and information technology to the post-acute care industry. NASL member companies also employ over 25,000 therapy professionals and represent approximately 64% of the nation’s long term. care health information technology providers.

NASL continually influences national healthcare policy, particularly, improved Medicare ancillary payments and assurance that laws and regulations are in place to promote quality patient care.

Every NASL member is active on one of four working committees: Medical Products, Medical Services, Information Technology and Diagnostic Testing. NASL committees and leadership participate in and manage national and industry-wide coalitions, host and sponsor national and state education sessions, and the support the development of healthcare policy.

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