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The Therapy Screening Process – What You Need to Know

How are therapy services determined for our long-term residents?  A therapy screen can be performed to determine if a therapy evaluation is indicated. All residents should be screened for therapy routinely and following an incident such as a fall.  Additionally, a therapy screen may be requested when a resident demonstrates a change in function.  The change may be for either improved or decreased function and common screen indicators are weight loss, coughing at meals or while taking medication, positioning in bed or chair, walking, joint stiffness, or cognitive changes.

A request for therapy screen can be completed by family or staff members.  An interdisciplinary approach is best when completing a therapy screen and can be performed by registered therapists or therapy assistants in each campus.  Following completion of the screen, it may be determined further therapy intervention is needed and an order for evaluation may be requested from the physician.  Specialized skills of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists are required to complete evaluations and to establish a treatment plan.  An evaluation allows hands-on and comprehensive assessment to determine the functional deficits and impairments to be addressed and to establish an individualized treatment plan!