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My Journey With Paragon

20 Hours Going on 7 Years

A Journey from a Shadow to Program Director with Paragon Rehabilitation

by Quinn Wilson

I have been on quite the journey with Paragon Rehabilitation! While applying to DPT programs, I found out I would need at least 20 hours in a sub-acute care setting. This led me to begin shadowing at Hearthstone HC the Fall after graduating from IU Bloomington. I decided I enjoyed it quite a bit and kept coming well after the 20 hours, and eventually, after their Rehab Tech left, I was offered the job. I immediately said yes and began traveling twice a week to Hearthstone and Stonebridge part-time.

The staff and PD’s at the time were a huge influence on my view of the company, demonstrating joy and devotion to their work, unquestionably believing they were working for a great company. I left my tech position in May 2015 to begin a DPT program at Indiana State University, but I was not gone long. I returned as a Student PT for my first clinical rotation working alongside Jericho Castillo at Stonebridge and Stonecroft HC from May-July 2016. Fortunately, I was not gone long.

In February 2017, I came back to work as a tech at Harrison’s Crossing Health Campus in Terre Haute to support myself during Grad School, where I learned how to thoroughly clean a wheelchair in under 3 minutes. In December 2017, I left that job to prepare for a clinical rotation in Arkansas specializing in neurorehabilitation. Once again, however, I was not gone long. After successfully graduating in May 2018, I was recruited to work as a staff PT in Washington, IN at The Villages at Oak Ridge on July 9th, 2018, before I had even passed my boards, which I did on July 23rd, 2018. I had a wonderful 14 months there before taking the opportunity to work in the community I grew up in at Owen Valley HC in Spencer, IN.

Flash forward to today, and I’ve spent 7 years working on and off with Paragon part-time and full-time. The experience over these past 3 years as a staff PT has shown me how much of a family Paragon is, as I have now traveled to 8 different campuses, each time feeling valued and supported. This experience has provided great wisdom since I recently enjoyed a promotion to Program Director here at Owen Valley on October 16, 2021. I know I am still quite early in my career, and many of my classmates have already moved onto their second job, but I do not have plans to go anywhere unless it’s with Paragon. I love working for this company, I think it has been and remains a trend-setter and leader in the long-term care setting. I plan to keep carrying and building on that reputation while expanding my abilities to help this company grow in order to help as many as possible. As therapists, and really all employees, I believe we are empowered and have the resources to make this job fun and rewarding for us and those we care for!