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Collaboration for Preventing Future Falls: Therapy Screen

As we know, Team Approach Works Best! (TAWB)  When working to prevent falls, it is important to remember that Nursing and Therapy are collaborators and investigators, working together to determine the what, why, and how.  One important tool to consider after a resident experiences a fall, is a therapy screen. 

A screen is used to determine if there is a need for a skilled therapy evaluation.  Screens are brief, and they do not include any type of assessment or specific recommendations

After a fall, it is vital to gather any specific information from Nursing, any witnesses, and if possible, the residents themselves.  Location of the fall, time of day, recent medication changes, observations of any changes in the resident’s function or condition (e.g., confusion, dehydration, etc.), and any recent changes in the environment are just some of the important factors that can help determine if a skilled therapy evaluation is warranted or at the very least, shed light on ways to prevent future falls. 

A therapy screen is valuable to assist with preventing falls or identifying fall risks when any of the above factors are noted.  Working together, sharing information, and collaborating on ideas is always the best approach when caring for our residents.

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