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Why Synchrony Rehab?

We are proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to empower, advise, nurture, connect and create healthy, healing opportunities for patients and residents, no matter where they are in the care continuum.

Last year, Synchrony Health Services knew it was time to focus on its unique alignment of services between therapy, pharmacy and clinical resources. That’s why we’ve undergone a complete rebranding to solidify our stance, unique offerings and evolution in the industry.

Synchrony Rehab’s rebranding is not just cosmetic.  In addition to the new graphic identity, we are emphasizing the value of services alignment that includes therapy, pharmacy, and future clinical offerings.  This will allow our customers to deliver patient-centered care from admission to discharge and follow up.

Simply put, we have aligned the science of healing with the art of caring. We synchronized our tangible benefits of knowledge, efficiency of care and patient outcomes with our intuition, care and trust.

Aside from our new name, there are also things that will stay completely the same. Like our quality, our clinical excellence and our customer service. Our communities have come to rely on the fact that our physical, speech and occupational therapy are supported by and aligned with seasoned operations and innovative clinical programs that improve outcomes and quality of life for our residents.

None of that changes.

We are here as your care partners. We were by your side yesterday as Paragon. We’re here today as Synchrony Rehab. And we’ll still be here tomorrow…right by your side.

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